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The Rainbow Heart Light Club

The requirements to be a member of the Rainbow Heart Light Club are quite simple 

and are as follows:

1. RHLC members are kind and compassionate in their thinking and speaking and in their actions.

2. RHLC members respect and look after the environment. 

3. RHLC members care about all of the defenseless creatures on earth.

4. RHLC members make healthy choices.

5. RHLC members always share their concerns about any challenge, or person, or animal in need with a trusted adult, like a parent, a teacher, a doctor, or in an emergency, a police officer.

6. When faced with a challenge, RHLC members will close their eyes, pick a color of the Rainbow Heart Light, and imagine a beautiful light of that color filled with all of the love in their hearts. They will send this light to the challenges or a person or animal in need.

7. RHLC members show love to themselves.

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