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Grandma Bear's Guide

How to Use the Colors of the Rainbow Heart Light

Grandma Bear likes to use certain colors for different things, but you can use any color that you like.

Step 1: "First, pick a color"

Step 2: "close your eyes"

Step 3: "imagine that color is filled with all of the love in your heart"

Step 4: "think of the person, this can be even yourself, animal, or situation you would like to help"

Step 5: "picture that person, animal, or situation surrounded by that color"

Grandma Bear's Color Chart:

Pink for any little bear (person) that isn't feeling very well, is worried, or going through a difficult time in their life.

Purple to inspire ourselves and others to use our creative gifts.

Blue to help ourselves and others feel calm in uncomfortable situations and to help all of the creatures in the ocean.

Green is very soothing and healing. You can use Green for someone that is injured and all the animals and plants on the earth.

Yellow to spread happiness. It helps us to feel happy and goofy. You can also send yellow to help all of the little bumble bees, after all, they have a very important job to do!

Orange is for joy and laughter. It also gives us all energy and helps to empower and uplift our spirits.

Red is to help us and others feel strong in any situation and helps us feel protected in challenging times. 

Golden White to send to all of our loved ones that are no longer here on earth with us.

Turquoise is a special color that we can send to ourselves. Using turquoise, we can wrap ourselves up with love and it reminds us that we are all perfect just the way we are.

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