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RHL Team Biographies

Tracey O'Mara

In all my years as Tracey’s daughter-in-law, I have witnessed Tracey fulfill the roles of loving wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, dedicated student, empathetic teacher, selfless healer, spiritual artist, unassuming clairvoyant, humble channel for the divine energy of the Angels, and lover of all the Earth’s beings. In her free time, Tracey enjoys making home-made essential oil blends and herbal balms for anyone and everyone suffering from any array of aches and pains. If anyone would have told her three years ago that she would become a holistic health practitioner (HHP), clinical nutritionist consultant (CNC), certified clinical master of herbology (CCMH), and that she would be endeavoring a children’s series, she probably wouldn’t have believed it. With all that Tracey gives of herself to others, freely and lovingly, I find myself often reminding her to give some of that love back to herself. As her dear friend Barbara says, “if there ever was an angel on earth, it would be Tracey,” as much as it embarrasses her to hear it. Written by Victoria O'Mara.

Sherae Kim

The first moment Sherae met the Rainbow Heart Light team, she knew this was a unique and precious project. She feels grateful to do her part in sharing Ollie Bear's messages with the world as she feels they are pure medicine for the Soul. Sherae Kim spends most of her time letting go of the fragments of story that would comprise a usual biography. She has found that by letting go of what she thinks she is, she is free to just be what each new moment brings. Following her heart often has her as a happy homemaker. She has also been seen playing landscaper or bike mechanic to a friend, energy worker and reflexologist, extreme sports athlete, loving daughter and wife, adventure traveler, glass artist and custom jewelry maker, inter-dimensional traveler, seeker, finder, and student of the cosmos. Lately she's also been seen illustrating children's books and doing barefoot trail runs. She loves the world, and she feels honored to be a part of it, sharing her unique gifts and talents with all. Written by Mike Kim.

Victoria Robles O'Mara

What would we do without the incredibly talented Victoria to guide us? We consider Victoria to be the front wheel of the tricycle, pulling two very "go with the flow" back wheels along. If it wasn't for her organization skills we would still be pondering our next step! Victoria is Ollie's Mom, loving wife, student (English Major) and luckily for us the manager of the Rainbow Heart Light. Written by Tracey O'Mara<3

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