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About Us

Truth be told, none of this is about any of us individually. The message of the Rainbow Heart Light is about and for everyone. If these stories can bring one child joy, spark some imagination, inspire one child to be conscious of the feelings of others and about the welfare of animals, let one child know that it is okay if they are not like everyone else because each child is wonderful and beautiful in his or her own unique way, that is exactly what we are about.

The Beginning

On September 18th, 2013, as we were bustling through our usual morning routine, Tracey revealed to me a dream she had just woken from. I stared at her blankly, not understanding. I grabbed a pen and a paper and after a few hours of transcribing Tracey's words, the story of Ollie Bear and the Little Frog was born and the outline of Ollie Bear's Connection to the Rainbow Heart Light completed. I was perplexed. Tracey had never mentioned having a desire to write children's stories before and here was one, start to finish, echoing her core teachings of kindness and compassion and the beginnings of another story, explaining her inspiration. That day was also the one year anniversary of Oliver's open heart surgery.

Tracey felt that she was inspired by the Angels to write this series with the intention of spreading messages of love, joy, healing, and happiness and to help children feel empowered through life's many challenges.

I believe these messages have the power to help not only children but adults, too. After all, as Tracey would say, "aren't we all children at heart?"

Alongside her core teachings of love and compassion for others, Tracey hopes to inspire children and adults to care for and heal the environment and to learn the very important skills of caring for, loving, and healing themselves.  

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